Heather FauldingFaulding Architecture has a dedicated local and international clientele incorporating a broad range of projects including:  NYC townhouses; apartments; vacation homes; corporate offices; stores; restaurants; condominium conversions: marketing and event displays.  They have been providing creative, and efficient architectural and design projects for over two decades.

Heather is often described as an out of the box thinker who can bring innovative, cost effective solutions to practical design issues. Her designs have been characterized as incorporating a sophisticated approach with a playful spirit.  She is known for working with unconventional materials to achieve visually arresting results.

In addition to her creative approach, Heather owes her success to:

1.  Her ability to transform and create space from beginning to end– through the initial architectural plans to details of furniture, lighting and styling.

2.  An excellent reputation for working collaboratively with clients and construction teams. Heather believes that her best work comes from fully embracing her client’s visions and parameters and working closely with the construction team for a seamless and integrated process.

3.  Her exceptional proficiency navigating the complex approval processes of co-op and community boards, and governing agencies. This critical and often overlooked expertise has been honed by decades of experience working with these often complex and bureaucratic boards and agencies.

Heather is a graduate of The University of the Witwatersrand in her native South Africa and Ball State University, Indiana.  She is LEEDS certified and has been practicing since 1981.  She and her family currently live in New York City and the Hamptons.  Heather is a consummate creator having developed a critically acclaimed line of furniture, lighting and jewelry.